Creating Outstanding, Hand Carved Works of Distinction


With over 30 years of experience in the sign business, New England Sign Carvers has both the skill and technical knowledge to produce signs of exceptional quality and beauty. In each step of the process we maintain only the highest standards of craftsmanship.

Since we specialize in carved signs, are experts at the entire process and are set up to produce them efficiently, we are able to retain our high standards in materials and craftsmanship while maintaining very competitive prices

Top quality, top durability

We use high-density urethane (HDU) for all of our signs unless wood is requested. HDU is ideal for carved signs because it weathers very well and will not rot or check like wood. It is also a superior material for carving and for holding paint.

We finish the signs with a high build acrylic primer specifically formulated for HDU. Then we topcoat with several coats of the highest quality acrylic paints for both durability and color retention. Most signs will look good for 12-15 years: we are just beginning to repaint signs we made about 20 years ago. Washing the sign with a mild detergent once or twice a year will keep it looking good even longer.

From colonial to contemporary

We provide custom designs or can work with a design provided by you. Design styles may be colonial or contemporary, nautical or country, elegant or whimsical. Also most logos and other graphics can be replicated by carving, sandblasting, painting or an appliqué.

Gold and ironwork

Most carved lettering is finished with 23-karat gold leaf as it yields the greatest brilliance and shows the carving the best. Note in the gallery photos the black outline painted around the gold leafed letters. This gives the lettering an attractive finished look and helps to define the letters in bright sunlight. We can also paint the carved letters when design and budget dictate.

We also provide posts and ironwork for the installation. Their design is critical since they frame out the sign. The presentation of an otherwise attractive sign is often marred by inappropriate mounting. Most ironwork is custom designed and welded right in our shop.

We can ship anywhere you want the sign to go. Our work has gone out across America as well as to England, Australia, Bermuda and the Caribbean.